Water which we get in nature is never 100 percent pure. It is contaminated with foreign substances – solids, liquids, gases and micro-organisms.                                                                                                                                                                      

Re-circulating Cooling Water System was in a neglected field in some early installations. But of late it has been observed that the efficiency and economy of many industrial process Units like Power Generation, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Chemical Processing, Furnace Cooling, Diesel Generator, Gas / Air Compressors etc. depend to a great extent on the efficient functioning of Cooling Water System.                                                                                                                                             

It has been observed that even one or two degree improvement of heat transfer rate through cooling water system may decide the profit and loss of a Manufacturing Unit. The cooling water system and its performance therefore is now being given its due share of importance and included in the top priority area in Industries. Pre-cleaning and Passivation is one of the important aspect of Cooling Water Conditioning before regular treatment.                                                                                                    

Satisfactory performance of any Industrial Cooling Water Conditioning Programme depends on proper Monitoring and Control. Required concentration of conditioning chemicals and proper balance with other dissolved ions shall be maintained. Without scientific Monitoring & Control no desired result can be achieved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

We have all the detail technicalities pertaining to this type of Conditioning Programme for a healthy system, free from Scaling, Corrosion, Deposition, Biological and Micro-biological fouling for improving its thermal efficiency and process economy and extend best possible service in this area with our most effective chemicals in a technically and economically viable manner. 


HYDREX – CW 141 :

HYDREX-CW 141 is a judiciously blended formulation based on organic and inorganic Scale Inhibitors along with Polymeric Dispersant, Surfactant and Specific Corrosion Inhibitors to control Scaling, Corrosion, Deposition and Fouling in Open Re-circulating Cooling Water System.

HYDREX – CW 147 :

HYDREX-CW 147 is an organic scale inhibitor with multifunctional properties like sequestration of high hardness salts and heavy metals, de-flocculation, threshold inhibition and hydrolytic stability as a single active ingredient. In combination with polymeric dispersant it has become a unique scale and corrosion inhibitor over wide range of water qualities and operational condition.

HYDREX – CW 145 :

HYDREX-CW 145 is an effective Polymeric Dispersant and Stabilizer for all cooling water systems. It is judicially blended on copolymer and tar polymer.

HYDREX – CW 146 :

HYDREX-CW 146 is an effective inhibitor for copper and copper alloy in multi-metal system metallurgy.

HYDERX – BC 142 :

HYDREX-BC 142 is Broad Spectrum Cationic Non-oxidizing Biocide along with Polymeric Dispersant and Surfactant. It keeps the system free from all form of Biological and Micro-biological elements.

HYDREX – BC 143 :

HYDREX-BC 143 is an oxidizing Biocide for open re-circulating cooling water system. It is very effective to control Algae, Fungi and other Bacteria.

HYDREX – CW 144 :

Alkalinity and pH controlling chemical for Cooling Water System.

We also formulate tailor made products to suit a particular system according to make-up water quality and plant operating parameters.

(HVAC / Air Conditioning, Gas / Diesel Engines, Furnace Cooling etc.)

Closed Re-circulating Cooling Water Systems are well established to cool Gas / Diesel Engines, Compressors, Furnace Cooling etc. Closed circuit cooling systems are also widely used in HVAC / Air Conditioning chilled water systems to transfer the refrigerant cooling to air washers, in which the air is chilled. In closed circuit cooling system, heat, absorbed by the water from the hot surface, is transferred by a water-to-water heat exchanger to open re-circulating water, from which the heat is released to atmosphere through evaporative cooling tower.                                                                                                                       

In Closed System, there is no evaporation and minimum make-up water is required, therefore, dissolved solids do not concentrate in circulating water. Hence, water born deposits / scale are not a major problem in closed systems.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

In closed systems, the dissolved oxygen enters through make-up water and cannot be vented freely like open system and may cause severe corrosion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

For Air Conditioning System – Condenser is an important component in Chiller and operating condition of the Condenser is the key factor that affects the efficiency of the unit. When scaling and fouling in the Condenser increase, the power consumption of Chiller will also increase, as a result the efficiency of the Chiller will decrease too. It is an established fact that an Air Conditioning System consumes about 65-70% of the total energy / electricity consumption of a building.


HYDREX – RW 161 :

HYDREX-RW 161 is a judiciously blended multifunctional liquid chemical along with specific Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors, Dispersant and pH buffer to keep the System free from Scaling, Corrosion and Fouling. It is very effective for moderately hard water used as make-up in closed systems.

HYDREX – RW 165 :

HYDREX-RW 165 is a judicious blended multifunctional liquid chemical along with specific Corrosion Inhibitors and pH buffer to keep the System free from Corrosion and Fouling. It is very effective for condensed or softened water used as make-up in closed systems.


The basic philosophy for Boiler Feed Water and Boiler Water Chemical Treatment is to combat System Corrosion, Scaling and Un-scheduled Shutdown due to Premature Boiler Tube failure by providing high quality water with proper and effective Water Conditioning Programme.                                                                                                                                                      

The efficiency and fuel economy of steam generation system is to a great extent depends on the Waterside Scale control. It is difficult to precisely quantify the loss of fuel due to Scaling but it is possible to understand the magnitude of the fuel loss from the thermal conductivity difference. It is known that the scale has a thermal conductivity only 3% - 4% than that of steel. It is known that a minor drop of plant efficiency due to Scaling may mean annual loss in terms of millions for a medium size steam generating plant. In view of this, strict control on Boiler Feed Water and Boiler Water Chemistry is gaining its importance and is in the top priority agenda.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

In addition to strict adherence of Boiler Water Control Chemistry the presence of Dissolved Oxygen in the Boiler Feed Water also deserve special attention because it is the greatest single Corrosive Factor in the entire Boiler Water Circuit.


HYDREX – BW 131 :

HYDREX – BW 131 is an Antiscalant and Sludge Conditioner blended with Polymeric Dispersant and Corrosion Inhibitor.

HYDREX – BW 132 :

HYDREX – BW 132 is a versatile package formulation to control Scale, Corrosion and Deposition in Boiler Water System. It is judiciously blended with Phosphate, Alkaline Salts, Complexing Agent, Polymeric Dispersant specially for Silica, Specific Corrosion Inhibitors to control Caustic embrittlement. At recommended dose level, a single product can attain all critical boiler water parameters recommended by the boiler manufacturers.

HYDREX – BW 133 :

Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger (Sodium Sulphite based).

HYDREX – BW 134 :

Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger (Hydrazine based). It catalytically scavenge out Dissolved Oxygen from Boiler Feed Water at low temperature and faster than other oxygen scavengers.

HYDREX – BW 137 :

pH Buster and Corrosion Inhibitor for post Boiler region.


The importance of Chemical Cleaning of Industrial Equipments is now being increasingly realised by Industries having Equipments where water being used either heating or cooling purpose and constant effort is given to keep the heat transfer surface free from scales and deposits by periodic Chemical Cleaning of these Equipments under routine maintenance programme.


SCALEX – DC 121 :

SCALEX – DC 121 is a Descaling Chemical for Industrial Equipments, Piping Systems etc. It is a blended formulation of Inorganic Acids with effective Corrosion Inhibitor, Dispersant and Surfactant.

SCALEX – DC 124 :

SCALEX – DC 124 is judiciously blended formulation of Organic and Inorganic Acids, specific Corrosion Inhibitors, Polymeric Dispersant, Silica Dispersant, Surfactant and Reducing Agent. Being a combination of number of advance chemicals it can aesthetically clean the metal surface without corroding the system metallurgy. It is suitable for the system metallurgy like – CI, MS, Copper and Brass.

SCALEX – DC 127 :

SCALEX – DC 127 is an Organic Acids based formulation along with specific Corrosion Inhibitor, Polymeric Dispersant, Surfactant etc. It is non-corrosive to Stainless Steel and suitable for both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous system metallurgy.

SCALEX – DC 123 :

SCALEX – DC 123 is a Neutralizing chemical. It neutralizes the active metal surfaces and prevents the continuation of acidic reactions of chemical cleaning process.

SCALEX – DC 125 :

SCALEX – DC 125 is a Passivating chemical. It forms a thin protective film on the clean metal surface for prevention of atmospheric corrosion particularly on carbon steel metallurgy.

SCALEX –DC 128 :

SCALEX – DC 128 is a Passivating chemical for SS and non-ferrous system metallurgy. It develops a protective passive film on metal surface.

We also formulate tailor made products to suit a particular system according to Scale analysis report, system Metallurgy, facilities available at site etc.

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