The basic object of Pre-Commissioning Chemical Cleaning / Acid Pickling of Industrial Equipments and Carbon Steel Pipelines for heating / cooling water system, air / oil line, is to remove loose rust including construction materials, organic matters like Paint, Varnish, Oil, Grease, dislodging the Burs, Welding Slag, Mill Scales adhering to the internal surface of the pipeline. Pre-commissioning chemical cleaning reduce maintenance due to frequent chocking of strainers, heat exchanger tubes and other low velocity areas of process equipments during normal operational period.


Therefore, Pre-commissioning chemical cleaning, as it is applied to heating, cooling and other closed pipe work systems, is the process of bringing the system to a satisfactory state for commissioning and on-going maintenance of water quality which should be free from contamination of construction debris, dirt and excessive particulate matter.


The importance of Chemical Cleaning of Industrial Equipments is now being increasingly realised by Industries having Equipments where water being used either for heating or cooling purpose and constant effort is given to keep the heat transfer surface free from scales and deposits by periodic Chemical Cleaning of these Equipments under routine maintenance programme. However good the Control chemistry may be, the build-up of certain amount of scale/deposit over the heat transfer surface is unavoidable.


The Plant efficiency and fuel economy is to a great extent depends on the water side scale control. Scales, deposits, corrosion and micro-biological fouling in a Cooling / Boiler Water System are highly objectionable because of their thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity. It is known that the scale has a thermal conductivity only 3-4% than that of steel. Therefore, Chemical Cleaning is now considered on priority for maintaining the equipment which pertains to fuel efficiency, economy, safety and reduction of down time due to unscheduled shut down.


Chemical Cleaning is a highly skilled job. It does not mean only circulation of virgin acids. It needs development of suitable solvent on the basis of physical and chemical testing of the representative sample (Deposit) from critical points in the system, metallurgy of the system, flow distribution within the equipment etc. etc. Customize and an appropriate Procedure and Sequence of Operation is an essential part for successful Chemical Cleaning Operation. With the advent of advance chemicals like surfactant, dispersant, complexing and sequestering agents with high performance corrosion inhibitors, Chemical Cleaning has now become a safe and specialized job under experienced supervision.


1. Uniform and better cleaning of the system can be achieved.           


2. No extensive dismantling of the equipment is required.       


3. Minimum down time is required.     


4. Inaccessible areas, such as small tubes, short-radius tube bends and irregular surfaces are readily cleaned, as a result a better cleaning.     


5. The total Cost of Chemical Cleaning is less. Compared with removal of scales by mechanical means, chemical cleaning is economical.


We undertake Pre-commissioning / Post Operational Chemical Cleaning / De-scaling of common Industrial Equipments listed below with speciality Chemicals, Equipments, Technicians with Supervision and Monitoring on Trunkey Basis for improving Thermal Efficiency on cost effective manner :-

  • Boiler
  • Economizer
  • Steam Condenser
  • Condenser & Chiller for HVAC / Air Conditioning System
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Oil Cooler
  • Coolers & Jacket Cooling System of Air / Oxygen / Gas Compressor
  • Diesel / Gas Engine Cooling System
  • Furnace Cooling Water System
  • Radiator / Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • Reactor Cooling Coil / Jacket
  • Any water cooled process equipment
  • Pipe lines


The Sequence of any Chemical Cleaning Operation depends on the method and procedure of Chemical Cleaning to be applied, metallurgy of the system, nature and volume of the deposits etc.

The Standard Sequence of Operation is as follows:

a) Mass flushing

b) Degreasing for removal of Oil, Grease and other organic elements.

c) Rinsing

d) Speciality Chemical Circulation for removal of solid Deposits / Scales.

e) Rinsing

f) Neutralization with neutralizing solution.

g) Rinsing

h) Passivation with passivating chemicals for formation of protective film.

i) Drying.


Essence Chemicals & Services Pvt. Ltd is fully equipped for conducting successful execution of Pre-commissioning / Post Operational Chemical Cleaning of Industrial Equipments and Carbon Steel Pipelines. List of our basic Equipments and Accessories are mentioned below:

  • Circulation Tanks with proper arrangements for close circuit chemical circulation.
  • Various capacities Pump Sets coupled with suitable Motors. Flameproof Motors are also available for highly inflammable Gas, Refineries & Petrochemical Industries.
  • Electric Control Panels with necessary arrangements including cable for operation of Pump and other facilities at site.
  • Flexible Rubber Hoses, Flanges with proper fittings, valves etc. for preparation of temporary close circuit.
  • Portable Laboratory Kit with required Instruments and Reagents for setting Site Laboratory to conduct relevant test during chemical cleaning operation.
  • Hot Water Tank if steam is not available at site.
  • Air Dryer for moisture free dry air.
  • High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machine with standard Accessories.
  • Portable Electric Tube Cleaners with rotating flexible shaft fitted with brush.
  • Tube Leak Detector Kit for testing of tubes of Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Condensers etc.
  • Portable Drill, Grinding and Welding Machine with Accessories.
  • Full range of Tools and Tackles.


  • All required Chemicals including Corrosion Inhibitors for conducting Pre-commissioning / Post Operational Chemical Cleaning are readily available as per specification.
  • Experienced and Qualified Technicians for handling the chemicals and Monitoring the process for successful execution of chemical cleaning operation at site.
  • Well equipped Laboratory with modern instrumentation system.
  • Chemical analysis of Scale / Deposit to know the exact composition of the deposit, Solubility Test of the deposit in different composition and other laboratory support required for chemical cleaning operation.
  • R &D facilities for formulating effective chemicals to suit a particular system according to the nature of scale and system metallurgy.
  • Equipment and Accessories required for conducting successful execution of Pre-commissioning / Post Operational Chemical Cleaning of Industrial Equipments and Carbon Steel Pipelines.
  • Lab kit with required instruments and reagents are available for Site Laboratory.


    • Safety is our prime objective during execution of jobs at site.
    • All Safety Precautions are taken to handle the corrosive chemicals and necessary Personal Protective Equipments (Helmet, Protective Boot, Safety Goggles, Hand Gloves, Gas Mask, Ear Muffle etc.) are also provided to technicians during chemical cleaning operation.
    • All of our employees are covered under ESIC / other Personal Insurance and Employees Provident Fund.


Development of WT Programme

Individual Boiler and Cooling Water systems are unique and each is operated to achieve unique performance goals. Basic philosophy of Industrial Water Treatment programme is to control Scaling / Deposition, Corrosion, Biological and Microbiological fouling. Proper balance of control parameters is essential for specific condition. To overcome waterside problems, an effective water conditioning programme shall be designed considering make-up water quality, system metallurgy, operating parameters etc. for the particular system.

Pre-treatment and Passivation

Pre-treatment and Passivation of cooling water system is carried out for through cleaning and to develop a protective passivating film on metal surface of entire circuit including pipeline, coolers and any other equipment may come in contact with cooling water. Pre-treatment and Passivation of CW systems is recommended for all new systems and existing systems after shutdown or process contamination. In case of badly fouled heat exchanger / any other equipment in CW system, same is cleaned separately with preparation of temporary close circuit for chemical cleaning.

Chemical Dosing

Scientific chemical dosing system is an integral part of an effective Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment programme. If the chemical dosing is not properly maintained, the concentrations of required chemicals are often above or below the control limits.

Water Analysis

Periodical Chemical Analysis of control parameters of Make-up and Re-circulating Cooling Water is an essential part of Monitoring and Control. By blind operation, no effective results can be achieved. On the basis of analysis, we also submit report with our observations and suggestions for improvement of the systems. We provide best possible R & D support to minimize waterside problems.

Deposit Analysis

Deposit / Scale analysis is an important aspect of water conditioning programme both for Boiler / Cooling Water Systems.


We provide basic concept to the concerned personnel pertaining to dosing of Conditioning Chemicals and other functional activities related to Boiler / Re-circulating Cooling Water Conditioning Programme.

A significant investment in monitoring and control may be justified when compared with costly problems like - overfeed of chemicals, insufficient dosing increases maintenance cost, premature replacement of the water-cooled equipment, loss of operational efficiency and energy etc.

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